Health Promotion, Burnout-Prevention

Would you like to take care of your health actively?

“It is the mind that builds the body.“ Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller
.. and the other way round.

Teamwork Body and Mind

Body and mind form a unity; they can hinder or nurture each other. This interaction is very important when it comes to recovering health, it has a very specific language of its own we can, and must, learn how to speak. My approach in this area is multidisciplinary and complementary, we use whatever is appropriate for any condition and personal background.

So learn how to take an active part in assisting your healing process!

Range of Application:

  • physical stress like lack of sleep
  • exertion
  • learned pain, chronic pain
  • preventing burnout
  • unwelcome habits, dietary issues, getting slim, quit smoking
  • accident, injuries: internal processing and neutralising of difficult experiences
  • trust your body, move with confidence and ease
  • back complaints, postural defects, lack of exercise
  • activating natural stress coping strategies
  • analysis of personal circumstances
  • prevention: how can I make sure it will not happen again?
  • motivation: joyful attitude towards your body, towards movement, towards transformation

Allover Check-up

We check vor body memory regarding:

  • illnesses
  • accidents
  • medication
  • harmful beliefs

and neutralise those elements that disturb the healing process. Like that we make sure to have the best possible foundation to build up your resources.

Duration: depending on your biography we need about 1-3 sessions.

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