HSPs - Highly Sensitive Persons 

Too Much Information, too Much to Cope with

The trait can be a blessing and a challenge at the same time - and how we view it, can make all the difference. It was Elaine Aron who was the first to research the subject (1991) and thanks to her the trait is finally known to a wider circle.

How Do We Recognise the Trait?

Highly sensitive persons (HSP) feel a bigger overall exposure and are more challenged than the average person. At the same time, they have a very good self-perception and recognise more easily when there is a need for action, i.e. they seek support sooner and act proactively.
In this context the following subjects are the most frequent ones - how can I deal with:

  • perfectionism, demanding so much of myself
  • my own excessive sense of responsibility
  • my impaired self-esteem
  • withdrawal, sense of guilt, loneliness, feeling a misfit, helplessness
  • inexplicable, erratic mood swings
  • conflict in relationships
  • low energy  
  • physical signs of stress like disturbed sleep, headaches, back complaints, stomach troubles
  • being too easily influenced by other people's moods: I can perceive other people's mental states, moods and emotions a lot faster and in a much more   detailed and pronounced way.
  • sorrows, brooding and strong emotional reverberations of disagreeable experiences
  • highly sensitive dependents, partners, children (especially as a non-HSP)
  • highly-sensitive, higly-talented, scanner. What is the real me?

Ease of Being

Not only will you develop your very own personal coping strategies within a short time, you will also create an environment in which you feel at ease, have more energy and can use your strengths to the full. So you can be yourself completely and thrive.

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