from struggle to strength

more serenity, energy and emotional well-being

Emotional Stress Relief - fast and lasting

Find relief when problems take up too much of your attention, time and energy.
When enjoyment of life is reduced or non-existent.

This may concern:

  • crisis, personal, professional, spiritual
  • loss, divorce, painful separation
  • burnout, health issues, illness, injuries
  • any kind of conflict, at work or in private relationships
  • anxieties, mental blocks, stuck or feeling trapped, mood swings
  • lack of self-worth,  lack of self-confidence
  • difficulties in decision making, lacking drive and motivation
  • feelings of hurt, trauma, recurring negative thoughts, not being able to let go

Short-term Support with Long-term Effect

At the core of my coachings there is the REM-intervention or 'eye-movement intervention' (sychronising the two hemispheres by directed eye-movements).
It allows immediate access to the emotional level, reduces stress and restores your sense of inner balance.

Lasting Impact

At the end of your coaching-process you will know what is good for you and learn to use your strength and skills in the best possible way.
As a consequence, you will be able to reach your goals more easily, confident that your intentions actually turn into actions.

The Result

Your stress resistance increases, your overall perfomance is higher. You are more resilient, more motivated, creative and confident.
If you would like to find out more, just give me a call +4171 669 32 61 or email me.
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Living Life to the Full Instead of Merely Getting by

My special subjects have two things in common: they are related to each other and they are very sensitive to stress.
When we reduce the level of stress and enhance the relationships, we move from mere survival mode back to living life fully again!

Would you like to find out more?

I am happy to be there for you!
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004171 669 32 61

or send me an email.
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  Francesca Elsaesser


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Home or Prison

Are you at home within your inner self or “safely” locked up in the prison of your conscious and unconscious images and expectations? Taking a closer look may be worth your while…

Emotional Spring Cleaning All Year Round!


10 sessions to clean your system and get you going again!

Lakewards bound: you can find me in Zurich and Kreuzlingen

(Lake Constance)


Akademie Spiraldynamik AG
Südstrasse 113, 1st floor
8008 Zurich

Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance:

Park 31
Bahnhofstrasse 31
8280 Kreuzlingen

"From struggle to strength" simply means that I help you to get any stumbling blocks out the way so that we can make the most of your own particular gifts and talents - known and unknown. "