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To be yourself - harmony of thinking, feeling and acting 

Open, Motivated, Confident

Increase your sense of calm and confidence with whatever you want to tackle. Being at one with yourself makes you feel better, stronger and healthier.

How to live authentically:

  • balance:
    Your needs, your wishes, intentions and objectives agree; you have identified your very personal stumbling blocks as well as your motivational boosts.
  • emotional base:
    Attitude, beliefs, your various roles in life, finding meaning and defining your personal value system. With these you create the environment that is good for you, personally, socially and professionally.
  • resilience and performance:
    Self-awareness, identifying patterns and mechanism, individual potential and limits. Know and use your resources purposefully; competency; motivation; vision.

Building up Your Resources Effectively and Lastingly

How you make a success of it: you engage fully.
You develop more flexibility in thinking and doing; you are aware of your personal needs and learn how to use your own strengths and skills to bolster your motivation, health and well-being long-term.

The Result

More confidence, inner freedom and enjoyment of life. You know how to harmonize your decision-making systems and make up your mind with ease and confidence. You are true to yourself, always conscious of what really matters to you and live accordingly. You stay on your path.


wingwave, neurodidactics, means and methods from psychology, communication

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Leading is mainly about behaviour - management is about processes
And leading is about relationships and trust

  • assistance: identifying and realising your goals
  • creating a motivational basis and activating your inner resources and skills
  • training your leading intelligence and self-organisation
  • positive management: creating sound relationships and a climate of confidence, motivating your employees, the three types of motivation and how to combine them
  • dealing with change and hectic periods:
  • keeping up your motivation under pressure, dissolving motivational and performance blocks
  • enhancing your creativity: developing focus and vision
  • life balance: coping with conflicting goals
  • communication: discourse management in tricky situations, passing on bad news, the most effective communicationc tools, managing conflict, mediation, the basic steps (
  • coaching compact: the most useful elements in a nutshell

The way you present yourself, the way you lead and motivate others, always starts ends with your own, very individual personality and that is why good self-management is vital. The start all and end all. Because it allows you to act competently and adquately, whatever the situation, and to preserve your adaptability. Be it in the way you think, be it in the way you handle things.

While considering you very specific skills and your personal sense of ethics, you develop the qualities you feel most at ease with and find the solutions that are most convincing to you personally.

To achieve this, we focus on neurological as well as psychological aspects useful to motivation and the successful management of our actions.

for employees

  • ZRM at the workplace
  • motivated employees: training self-management and cooperation skills
  • Magic Words workshop
  • managing conflict profitably
  • back-up in turbulent phases of transition, restoring resources
  • the basics of communication

Family- Coaching

Family and Stress

Sometimes it is just the one member that is not well, sometimes it is several, the consequences for the family as a whole are considerable and can be very trying.
There is only the one subject that dominates family life and all of a sudden it seems that everything is about to fall apart.
Everything that has been built up over the years may be at real risk. Nothing is seems the way it used to be, nobody knows where it will end.

In a rut

Helplessness, frustration, puzzlement, fear, anger and sadness have mingled and the confusion is great.
Talking things over is not easy since finding the right words is extremely difficult, the risk of conflict increases steadily. And scaringly.

Be it adverse circumstances, be it illness, addiction or a separation looming, there are many situations that can put the whole family under an enormous strain.
The reactions can vary and very often are felt on the communication level first: people do not talk anymore or talk about anything else except…, or there may be constant arguing, reproach meeting accusation and trying to understand each other gets harder and harder.

How can you reach out?

During times like these it helps to stop and take stock, to remember what is important to you all and decide how you want to treat each other.
To learn how you can be there for each other.
To try and listen properly, to try and find those words that seem so hard to find.

This is a process in which I can assist you and show you how to deal best with its challenges.
So that living together can be more harmonious, more positive and more joyful again.

Instant relief

Using the wingwave method is a very effective first step to relieve and stabilise those family members that are under great stress.
Thus we are able to create a sound basis for future success and prevent a 'family-burnout'.

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Peak Perfomance

Coaching for Success

Enjoy moments of excellence:

  • giving a speech
  • presentations
  • job interviews
  • athletic peak performance
  • overcome stage fright
  • overcome exam anxiety

wingwave coaching enables you to build the foundation to a successful performance, including increased creativity, a positive sense of self-perception and charisma. By "strengthening your self" and improving the visualization of goals, wingwave coaching provides the mental preparation for top performance. Issues such as test anxiety and stage fright can be dealt with successfully and changed into complete confidence.

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