Healthy Relationships

From gridlock to grace...

The Basics of a Good Relationship

What we focus on to start with is the "I and I": the way I perceive myself, what I need, the way I behave and communicate.
Only after having analysed these and further aspects can we proceed to the "you and I".


Even in good relationships there are recurring situations with their own typical scenario.
The script is given, both parties know the cues by heart - very often without actually being aware of them.
During difficult times such scenarios can strain the ‚system‘ considerably.

Moving towards solutions involves:

  • a precise analysis, using various methods, e.g. wingwave
  • developing new and successful strategies
  • testing and application
  • integration into everyday life

wingwave and Relationship Counselling

For positive changes when relationships are stressed systemically.
The goal is to react resourcefully to your communication partner - even when you have a very different point of view, when there is a lot of daily stress or when your temperaments and general attitude do not really agree.   

Teams - Work, Family

The above procedure can be applied very easily to any kind of group.

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communicating successfully

Language and actions are closely linked, find our how to make use of this phenomenon!

Being familiar with the basics of effective communication can help you enormously. Sometimes it is just the one word that makes all the difference, but of course you have to be aware of it.
So learn how to steer clear of tricky no-nos and how to apply the most effective techniques and strategies instead! With ease and confidence.
And within a very short time you will feel the positive effect: you will enjoy better relationships, professionally as well as in your private life.

What You Can Learn:

  • communication compact: communicating with ease, the most important tools and techniques in a nutshell
  • interpersonal skills: verbal and non-verbal communication, building rapport

Get to know the basic elements, tools and techniques and learn how to use them effectively. Thus you will gradually experience subtle differences in your relationships, be it in the private or the professional area.

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