Stress Relief, Anxiety

Long-term stress is one of health's greatest enemies, physically as well as mentally.
And stress particularly affects us on the emotional level.
Which is not so easily accessible.

Your Personal Stress Profile

To be able to deal with any issues effectiveIy, I first draw up your very specific and individualised stress profile in the following areas:

  • emotional stress
    feeling overwhelmed, risk of burn-out, mobbing, separation, divorce, long-standing ‘dead freight’, feeling stuck, anxieties,
    weak performance, lack of motivation, lack of drive, routine stress  
  • physical stress
    lack of sleep, headache, back pains, postural defects, lack of exercise, chronic pain, allergy and intolerance.
  • traumatic stress
    stress with sudden negative changes, accident, injury, life-threatening illness, divorce, loss

Scientific Methodology

I apply means and methods from psychology, communication and neurodidactics, my approach is systematic as well as highly intuitive.
The core element of this kind of stress reduction is the REM-intervention, the synchronisation of the two hemispheres by the means of guided eye movement.
(v. wingwave, EMDR)

Rapid Relief

You will experience a fast and effective relief and your inner balance will soon be recovered.
On average you need about 2-5 sessions to deal with any specific issue.

Lasting Impact

You have found out what is good for you, you know how to spend your resources efficiently and increase your sense of well-being.
Your confidence gets a boost, enjoyment of life returns and you feel ready to make plans for the future again.

Act Early!

and avoid collecting more disagreeable experiences that lead to further harm.
Have you got any questions? Just give me a call or write to me - I’m happy to be there for you!
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other important aspects:

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Crisis Intervention

The word ‘crisis‘ creates a feeling of uneasiness, provokes fear and a sense of insecurity. Nothing is the way it was.

But a crisis can be dealt with.

Find out your personal coping strategies und restore your inner balance!


  • coping with crises and stressful experiences, in private and professional life
  • discourse management with people involved, family members, relatives, professionals
  • communication among the professionals at the scene, reducing the risk of misunderstanding and conflict
  • after-care: near-term or a few weeks later, depending on the emotional readiness

Member Care Team Thurgau


- wingwave, coping with traumatic experiences

- wordwise, discourse management, dealing with conflicts

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